Are you a fan of the classic Zippo lighters? Who isn’t? Do you find it a problem though with those ingenious lighters are not as rugged in their design and can falter when used in more extreme conditions? PyroVault has created the PyroVault Lighter Armour which is designed to house both Zippo and Zippo-like lighters. What can you expect from investing in it?

It is made from high-quality heat resistant and robust reinforced polymer and features a clip that is compatible with MOLLE. This enables it to be attached easily to your tactical bag and includes a well-designed o-ring seal, that stops everything from mud seepage to dust and water getting in and compromising your lighter. It also helps to reduce the amount of evaporation that your lighter is subjected to.

What’s more, it has the incredibly practical, but also extremely cool spring-loaded cap which means you can flick it open and close it easily with one hand. Now you can look like a badass like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or whoever your frame of reference is, depending on your age. Either way, you will look cool and will also be able to use the lighter without any hassle or problems.

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