Why follow whatever is trending when you can go for something that is groundbreaking instead, right? The EV scene remains largely dominated by leading brands such as Tesla, Ford, Porsche, Lucid Motors, and so much more. For those seeking innovation, the Thundertruck is teasing a proprietary system you will not be finding on anything else soon.

With so many new technologies paving the way for EVs of the future, it can sure get overwhelming. A means of topping up the batteries away from charging stations is what people really want. It sucks when your zero-emission ride runs out of charge in the middle of nowhere.

Interestingly enough, the Thundertruck is less likely to experience fully depleted batteries. Those who crave the sustainable nomadic lifestyle will find it here. If it lives up to what it advertises, Tesla should seriously make improvements to the Cybertruck.

Visually, it resembles an SUV, but the manufacturer and its name tell us otherwise. Geometric shapes dominate the body to give it a futuristic aesthetic. Those who love options can get their Thundertruck in 4×4 and 6×6 configurations.

The latter boasts the highest battery capacity at 300 kWh enough to drive up to 560 miles before it needs a charge. Its electric motors produce 940 horsepower with 1,200 lb-ft of torque. Owners get a spacious cargo bed with steps and a loading ramp. Then there are automated drop-down side steps with lighting.

Other optional add-ons include an integrated camping tent, multi-purpose pull-out side sliding storage units, and more. Perhaps the best upgrade comes from the roof-mounted deployable solar fabric awnings. These provide shade and recharge the batteries of the Thundertruck at the same time.

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Images courtesy of Thundertruck