People have their own ways to relax after a hard day and studies encourage us to do so. Some hop online to play games with their buddies. Others choose to work out at the gym or at home. Then there are those who prefer to knock back a few drinks to get that buzz. If alcohol is not your thing, The Collection from Three Spirit might help you loosen up.

A few beers or maybe a glass or two of your favorite spirits is not bad, but sometimes things can get out of control. Going beyond your limit usually leads to a bad hangover the next day, which is very unpleasant situation for all those involved. Therefore, The Collection might help you kick the habit the natural way.

The bundle features a trio of signature blends from Three Spirit. They call it botanical alchemy as it says on the bottle’s label. You can’t really say for sure if there’s any magic in the mix but we’ll take their word for it for now. The Collection includes the Nightcap, Livener, and Social Elixir.

Now your pals who prefer not to imbibe won’t feel left out. Serve it straight or as a mixer in a virgin cocktail and enjoy. As the brand points out, each beverage formulation has specific benefits. For the Livener, it packs ingredients to invigorate.

Next is the Social Elixir, which includes active ingredients to elevate your mood. Finally, the Nightcap helps you unwind and get ready to hit the sack. There’s a brew for everyone with the Three Spirit The Collection. So give your liver a break and give your taste buds a kick with exotic flavors.

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Images courtesy of Three Spirit