There are a multitude of reasons to love the new Thread x Timberland Collection ($32+), a line of products coming out of the collaboration between the beloved outdoor wear company and the self-proclaimed “responsibility-geeks” from Thread. It is not just the rugged backpacks for your gear or the snazzy T-shirts, or even the choice variety of footwear, from Canvas Chukka shoes to City Blazer boots that make this particular line of fifteen products such a good deal.

In its ongoing efforts to nurture the planet and help humans live better, Thread has developed a unique fabric they call ‘Ground to Good’ which is made from the recycled plastic of bottles that littered the ground and streets of Haiti. This civic responsibility has created not only thousands of jobs for the people of Haiti, they have made a fabric that still passes the stringent quality controls of Timberland.

Timberland itself has an ongoing commitment to the Earth to maintain sustainability and accountability with its products, so a partnership with Thread was as natural as the goods they offer. Not only can your body feel good slipping into some Timberland x Thread clothes, your soul can feel good knowing you have helped make a positive change in the world.