Over the weekend, we gave you guys a preview of what Airstream has in store for the future. It was a sustainable camper trailer dubbed the eSTREAM. Moreover, it was apparently a collaboration with another company. This time, we have something from one of America’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles. What we have here is the THOR Vision Concept.

It might be a bit similar to what Airstream was teasing, but this is a zero-emission RV instead. Much like the eSTREAM, this is geared toward the digital nomad. As more people begin to love the convenience offered by our WFM setup, the THOR Vision Concept is designed to enhance the experience.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can choose to travel and work at the same time. Why not go on a tour and camp out at scenic spots? This all-electric RV lets you do all that and with the creature comforts of home. A full charge of its high-capacity battery pack and integrated fuel cells will last up to 300 miles.

With the help of its power management system and digital displays, you are always aware of all the important details of your journey. Locate charging stations and never run empty as the THOR Vision Concept keeps you aware of the situation. Use solar power to keep your batteries full and never worry about emissions.

Plan out your weekend as you hit popular destinations and hang out with family and friends. A skylight provides adequate lighting by day. Go hands-free as Alexa lets you control almost everything in your mobile smart home. Electrochromic glass gives you high-tech privacy. If you want some fresh air, the THOR Vision Concept can even deploy a fold-out awning.

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Images courtesy of THOR Industries