You know what makes custom builds actually interesting? Not possibilities. Limits. Be it budget constraints or technical challenges, these substances can really render some fascinatingly clever workaorunds. Which is all to say they can bring out true creativity. This custom Kawasaki Bobber isn’t one such build, though.

Taiwan’s 2LOUD latest handiwork came from a childhood dream. Luckily, that child turned our very, very successful later in life, and wanted to realize their dream bike without any sort of identifiable limit. The result? A tremendously beautiful build that literally bears not a single shortcoming.

2LOUD’s custom Kawasaki Bobber fits the man who already has everything in life. He has all kinds of supercars in his ultra-fancy garage. He wears expensive perfume. His timepiece collection? To die for. And he’s the kind of person who buys sneakers then promptly forgets about them forever. The bike has a no holds barred design, thanks to the fact that the owner in question gave no restrictions on the custom build. He allowed them to go bonkers and let the bike evolve to whatever shape or form they wanted it to.

Here, you’ll find a fully customized stainless steel swingarm and handmade steel handlebars. Also, a clean-up of all the electrics, plus new custom leather upholstery, and a reshaped tank and rear fender. The shop also did a repaint and refinish from nose to tail, among other refinements. If you’ve ever wondered what a bike made without limits looks like, you’re looking at it. Hit the link below to learn more.


Photos courtesy of 2LOUD