If you have enough money, you can get this sweet Emory Porsche 356A coupe, a uniquely gorgeous build from Emory Motorsports, makers of the best Porsche “outlaw” cars.

The Emory Porsche 356A boasts a 911-style rear suspension, disc brakes all around, bespoke 15-inch wheels, and a bunch of other upgrades. This model comes in a sleek and immaculate silver coat of paint, just like the 911 Carrera GT.

When it comes to performance, you’re looking at a 2.4-liter flat-four engine that makes 205 ponies. Not the best, to be sure, but plenty enough for leisurely rides across sun-lit streets for serene quayside strolling. Power goes to the rear wheels courtesy of a Type 901 five-speed transaxle. The engine originates from Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing. He used to work as a crew chief for the factory GT Porsche race team. In other words, you can bet this one’s a top-tier performer.

The exterior features a few minor modifications from the original, including a center fuel filler cap at the front. Inside, you’ll find brown leather with Roadster-style door panels and Spinnybeck woven seat inserts.

Other highlights include a sunroof coupe, which Rod Emory sourced from a donor Porsche 356A 1600. Instead of laying it down simply, he took it further and had it stripped, media blasted, and mounted to a rotisserie rack.

The shell also received a new steel cowl, floors, longitudinals, battery box, and door bottoms. The nose’s edges and tail come rounded and reinforced much like a GT ride, and the bumpers holes also come filled. The seams, you’ll find, come sealed and the chassis cleaned and coated in epoxy. Learn more below.


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Photos courtesy of Emory Motorsports