It’s wonderful knowing that car and motorcycle manufacturers are taking necessary steps for a sustainable future. As engineers continue their pursuit to advance battery technology, electric-powered transportation evolves along the way. The emission-free movement is no longer limited to small startups, but established and high-end brands are likewise on board. Electric vehicles (EVs) might be hogging the limelight most of the time, yet rides like the Ducati Elettrico will electrify your senses.

The concept presented by Aritra Das Designs of the Elettrico looks like any superbike from the Italian marque. You have the sleek and dynamic aesthetics that excites the senses. Moreover, it leaves you wanting to experience the speed and performance that the brand delivers. However, if you’re expecting to hear and feel the rumble of a powerful engine, it won’t be there. As is the case with most electric motor-driven models, it’s near-silent. Nevertheless, in order to safely alert pedestrians, it could playback a recording of a regular engine noise like other EVs.

Until official images of the Ducati Elettrico comes out, we have the design from Artira Das Designs to work with. It’s actually doing the company a favor by hyping up its imminent arrival. One glance at the form factor and you’ll agree that it looks like the real deal. Details such as the monoshock, Brembo brake assembly, and a bright red coat of paint all look awesome. Although there are many other concept images out there, this one is by far the coolest we’ve seen. Let’s just hope Ducati gives us a glimpse soon.

Aritra Das Designs