The automotive industry’s call for electrification has seen remarkable overall growth globally. However, some countries still lack the infrastructure to support these types of mobility platforms. Nevertheless, many believe eco-friendly motoring will eventually become ubiquitous. For now, you might want to consider the 2025 Audi RS e-tron GT Performance as your daily driver.

As far as European marques go, Porsche comfortably sits at the top. However, there is no shortage of options for those who want something else. For another reliable German carmaker with a stellar track record when it comes to luxury, reliability, and performance, the badge with four interlocking rings is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Like its contemporaries, the Audi is laser-focused on what the market demands. As climate change remains a major concern, the best we can do is reduce or completely do away with carbon emissions. The 2025 RS e-tron GT Performance flaunts a drool-worthy fastback silhouette along with other upgrades to make it even more enticing.

This sporty sedan also debuts a fresh coat of Bedford Green, which is then exclusively paired with carbon camouflage accents and a matte carbon roof. Inside, the cockpit welcomes slightly more subtle tweaks such as the revamped seats, more trim options, backlit logos, a restyled steering wheel, and an updated digital instrument cluster.

Meanwhile, the panoramic sunroof can be toggled to appear opaque or clear. Each RS e-tron GT Performance is configured for all-wheel drive via dual motors. Should owners decide to push the pedal to the metal their ride can output a total of 912 horsepower. It can zoom from a standstill to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of slightly beyond 155 mph.

Battery capacity has increased to 97 kWh courtesy of a two-layer cooling plate tuning, Audi claims charging times are likewise improved as the maximum rate is now at 320 kW. With its more potent setup, the brakes on the RS e-tron GT Performance are coated with tungsten carbide. Eager buyers can expect it to hit dealerships before the year ends.

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Images courtesy of Audi