If you are one of the many that prefer to travel on mobility platforms other than cars and public transportation, chances are, you need to wear a helmet. We all know that it’s for our personal safety in case of an accident, but most of the ones available are normally bulky. Closca, on the other hand, offers something unique.

Have you seen any of those space-saving collapsible kitchen tools? If you have, then the Closca helmet follows the same principle. The design features a three-tier section that can fold down into roughly 55% of its original size. It’s available in small (21.3” – 22”), medium (22.4” – 23.2”), and large (23.6” – 24.4”).

It also weighs roughly 9.5 ounces which makes it as portable as you can get. You can get the helmet in a black or white colorway with an inner lining and straps in gray. The manufacturer says it draws inspiration from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Penned by the late Frank Lloyd Wright, its most iconic feature is the spiral ramp with a skylight. You can clearly see it on the white variant of the Closca Helmet. Its collapsible characteristic makes it seem like a poor choice for head protection, but it’s not. The shock absorption certifications (EN1078 and CPSC) tell us its safety features are more than enough.

There’s also a ventilation system that allows air to circulate inside and keep the user cool. Closca says the holes are small enough should stand up to a light drizzle. The visors are likewise interchangeable to you can switch to the optional Nordic Visor for warmth in colder climates.

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Images courtesy of Closca