Things Hybrid Charger offers you the convenience of quick wired and wireless charging in one nifty device that features a retractable cable underneath its frame so you can rid your desk of those cumbersome charging cables.

This device powers up your mobile devices in 35 minutes with its two charging coils and Quick Charge 3.0 system. The wireless dock has an ergonomic angle to provide you with convenient screen viewing while your device is charging.

The dock also emits a soft LED light that changes accordingly to the status of the charging: three smooth blinks signal the start of wireless charging, one smooth blink with the wired charging, and rapid blinks mean a foreign object is stuck between the charger and phone. The light stays at low brightness when the battery is full and does not emit any light while charging as not to disturb sleep.

The retractable cable, on the other hand, is on the right side concealed by a magnetic cover. The cable can extend up to 80 cm and proves useful in certain situations, like when your phone is still on the charging dock and a call comes in. Just pull out the cable and plug to your phone. It retracts right back in when not in use.

The cable can also charge other devices such as a power bank and speaker and is replaceable in case of damage or if you need another type of cable, like the Micro USB, type C, or lightning cable.

Unlike other chargers, Things Hybrid Charger can power up two devices simultaneously without affecting its energy output. You still get fast charging anytime.

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Photos Courtesy of Things