Are we in a psychedelic trip is Tag Heuer just really got creative with its latest collection of watches? Well, it doesn’t matter. Free-spirited hippies, listen up. If you can afford it, Tag Heuer’s latest lineup is chic, soaking in style, and dripping with attitude. The Tag Heuer Carrera is a junkie’s fever dream.

The variant above, in particular, deserves praise for its flashy yet still understated aesthetic. The merit should go to Bamford and Black Badger, who collaborated on this project. Each watch features a unique style, made using Fordite found in Michigan Ford factories during the 1970 to the 1990s era. The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 evinces this very “cool car” vibe.

It’s simple. In modern car factories, the various components like doors are bodies, hand on jigs and move through the assembly line for coating. Then they’re baked. These components go through the process just one time, usually. But the mounting components go through hundreds. Then they accumulate collected overspray that drops.

One day, a curious worker discovered that these ugly clumps had a surprise inside. The cut or sanded into, gorgeous geological patterns appeared. They feature hundreds, if not thousands, of layers of car paint. And thus, the Tag Heuer Carrera. The patterns and colors are completely random, but each one is undeniably beautiful and breathtaking. Talk about happy accidents. There’s something so cool about finding art in the oddest of places. In this case, a place from where you would least expect art to appear. Hit the link below to check out the entire collection.