If you are one of the many who consider Boston Dynamics’ original quadrupedal robot extremely unsettling, then a company called Throwflame is about to dial it up even further. They’re even calling it the Thermonator and for a good reason because this bad boy is literally packing serious heat. Despite its capabilities, this is not intended for nefarious purposes.

It’s unclear if a background check is needed to get your hands on this high-tech tool. For a second, let’s pretend that nobody will use it to commit arson. Given its versatile mobility, it can theoretically traverse almost any terrain. It measures 30″ x 20″ x 20″ and weighs around 32 lb.s

The manufacturer envisions the Thermonator as an advanced platform for wildfire control/prevention, agricultural management, ecological conservation, snow/ice removal, and entertainment/SFX applications. Basically, if something needs burning, it’s ready for action.

Mounted on top of the four-legged mechanical beast is Throwflame’s ARC Flamethrower. With a range of approximately 30 feet, anything can be set ablaze while the user is safely away from danger. Should you prefer a more hands-on approach, a modular standalone option is available as well.

A full charge of its batteries lasts up to an hour, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity enables remote operation. Cutting-edge sensors with LiDAR mapping ensure the Thermonator avoids obstacles and remains upright as it moves. Meanwhile. a forward-facing camera provides a first-person view of whatever’s ahead.

Demonstration footage of the Thermonator shows it moves rather quickly. Despite its size, this is one robot you don’t want to be on the other end of. This first-generation model already brings a lot to the table. Hence, we can only assume future iterations will ship with even more functions.

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Images courtesy of Throwflame