When you want clothes tailored to your precise body measurements, then look no further than at Japanese brand ZOZO. The company creates clothes that fit perfectly with each wearer using a technology called the ZOZOSUIT.

Visually, this wearable does not look at all appealing and reminds you of a scuba diving suit. It literally covers your body from neck to foot, with openings for the toes and fingers. White dots cover the entirety of the outfit.

However, appearance aside, the suit is what helps create your clothes. Each of the 350 white dots is unique and serves as fiducial markers necessary for the measuring process. The suit enables 3D scanning at your fingertips using a special ZOZO app.

The designated app takes 12 photos of you as you stand and face each hour on the clock. The app captures where each unique dot is located and creates a 3D rendering of your body through a proprietary algorithm.

The suit helps create clothes unique to your physical statistics. It shows the measurements for your neck, shoulder, right and left upper arm, chest, both thighs and ankles, and even your right and left inner inseam.

The ZOZOSUIT promises measurements “more accurate than a human tailor,” so expect clothes that are exactly styled and designed according to your preference and size.

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Photos Courtesy Of ZOZOSUIT