When exploring the great outdoors, the last thing you want to carry in your backpack is a bulky conventional cook pot. Opt instead for a lighter and more compact choice, such as The X-Pot By Sea To Summit ($50.00).

Claimed to be the world’s most packable cook pot, this vessel weights only 11.4 ounces and it collapses to 2 inches tall. It works just as a regular pot with a capacity of 2.8 liters (94 US oz), allowing you to prepare real food while camping.

The base is made of hard anodized aluminum ensuring a fast boil time, while its walls and handles are constructed from heat-resistant silicone, and the rim features an embedded steel ring that provides rigidity for easy stirring&pouring. A transparent lid with a handy built-in strainer is also included. The X-Pot range features two more sizes (1.4L & 4L) plus a kettle, available starting August 2015.

The X-Pot By Sea To Summit 1

The X-Pot By Sea To Summit 2

The X-Pot By Sea To Summit 3

The X-Pot By Sea To Summit 4