Episode five of Amazon Prime series “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”  shows John and Jane take refuge in a stone cottage on the edge of Lake Como. Fans of the show can now vacation like the titular spies at the waterfront villa named The Writer’s Nest, located in Faggeto Lario shore.

This is a 120-square-meter scenic getaway built at the end of the 1800s, inside a stone quarry, that dates back to the Roman Ages. It was the ancient refuge of stone quarrymen and to this day, the sheer rock still bears the marks of those men who have worked there for centuries, drawing stones from the mountain to construct villas and churches for Lake Como.

On the shore enclosing the grassy beach are rocks with circular steps, which were used in the past by the fishermen of agoni and perch. The Writers Nest Villa offers an exclusive experience charmed with its centuries-old history. Outside,  you can enjoy the tranquility of the lake, gaze out to beautiful sunrises and sunsets on landscaped lawns decked out with dining and lounging areas.

Meanwhile, inside has a couple of double rooms with private bathroom each and a single room that can sleep two children. It has wooden and glass veranda that offers views of the lake and the surrounding forest. There is also a wall of books stacked on shelving made from centuries-old chestnut wood boards that are set in stone.

The Writers Nest Villa features antique furniture and an old kitchen with a granite sink carved between the square stones of the quarry. The villa is accessible via a 2-5 minute boat ride from the lake with parking spaces for private vehicles provided in Faggeto Lario. Despite its secluded setting, it has modern comforts including an A/C, washing machine, dish washer, Wi-Fi, coffee machine, TV, kettle, and a toaster, to name a few. 

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Images courtesy of Writers Nest Como