If you’re looking for a flashlight that does more than illuminate, then look no further than the VSSL Mini Flashlight. It also provides you with durable portable storage for your small everyday essentials.

This handy torch is easy to operate with just a long press of the button you get 200 lumens of LED light that features four lighting modes including bright, dim, red, and SOS. It burns bright for up to 40 hours which should be more than enough for a day’s worth of adventures in the dark.

The VSSL Mini Flashlight guarantees you have light in any situation because it is nearly indestructible. It is made from military-grade aluminum and is waterproof. Its long-press power mode also prevents accidental activation so you save on burn time.

Moreover, this flashlight is designed to be lightweight and travel-friendly with its compact size. It measures just 6 inches long and 2″ in diameter. It also only weighs 7.2 ounces. Meanwhile, a built-in carabiner on one side allows for easy transport so you can clip it to your pocket, bag, or backpack.

You can find the VSSL Mini Flashlight on one end of the barrel and the other end holds an oil-filled compass. Its aluminum barrel is empty to give you the freedom to bring anything you can fit inside on the go. You can put in VSSL’s tins that come with different purposes. These include a first aid kit, a weather-resistant firestarter kit, a sewing kit, and a rope and razor kit. It can hold three tins and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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VSSL Mini Flashlight VSSL Mini Flashlight VSSL Mini Flashlight

VSSL Mini Flashlight

VSSL Mini Flashlight

Images courtesy of VSSL