Skykoor’s Keychain Carabiner sets itself apart from any of its kind because of its reliable, durable, and lightweight functionality. It’s designed as a compact key fob integrated with high-quality features that focus on convenience. It has your most-used utility tools for quick, easy-to-reach access wherever and whenever.

This multifunctional EDC solves the challenges of carrying various tools outdoors and fumbling for your keys. As such, it conveniently has a keychain with 16 colored keyrings to distinguish keys for various locks. These rings provide a colorful contrast to the design while being very useful. A simple one-handed squeeze on both sides of the clasp dislodges the keychain from the bottom of the carabiner. 

Meanwhile, attached to the keychain is a courier’s utility knife that can easily open packages or letters without causing any harm because of its innovative blunt edge. Skykoor’s Keychain Carabiner also has a bottle opener, and four sizes of wrenches that cover common nut sizes.

These include hexagonal screws in M4: Diameter 4mm, M5: Diameter 5mm, M6: Diameter 6mm, M8: Diameter 8mm sizes. Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to maneuver around tight spaces for a convenient repair experience. This tool also has a connector to hook various items, like a water bottle, to your backpack during travel or when out on outdoor adventures.

Then there’s the carabiner, which Skykoor says is strong enough to be used for climbing given its overall construction, which is from lightweight yet tough titanium alloy. Skykoor’s Keychain Carabiner weighs just 36.6g and measures 6.9cm long and 3.0cm wide. 

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Images courtesy of Skykoor