The Vipp Shelter gives guests a peaceful respite from city living. It is a “charging station for humans” who want to commune with nature.

This 55m2 black steel and glass prefabricated micro-dwelling can be placed just about anywhere. It acts as a nature retreat and dubbed as a “plug-and-play getaway that allows you to escape urban chaos.” It stands off the ground on pilots and boasts floor-to-ceiling glass for transparency so guests can get a better view of the outside scenery.

The Vipp Shelter hosts a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, and a daybed with a fireplace on the main level. A ladder leads to the main bedroom on a narrow loft with a glazed ceiling.

This dwelling looks like your typical mobile home sans the wheels. To make your stay comfortable, it comes equipped with home products, specifically Vipp products and accessories. There is a shower and a sink in the bathroom, a sink in the kitchen, and complete kitchen amenities for cooking and baking.

The Vipp Shelter does not have a television. This is so guests can enjoy and take in all the sights and sounds of nature in the comfort of their dwelling area. The glass ceilings let you gaze at the stars at night while glass windows give an expansive view of the surroundings.

Moreover, the Vipp Shelter’s dark-toned interior is designed as such to add focus on nature. It lets nature stand out so you can marvel at its beauty for “a chance to go offline and connect with nature.”

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Images courtesy of Vipp