Coffee tables serve more than just storage spaces but also areas where we can work and entertain especially when placed in the living room. It has a become a multifunctional piece of furniture and the team over at NXTABL built on this reality with the design of their Smart Coffee Table.

It blends functions seamlessly when it comes to the digital space. You no longer have to rely on your phone, tablet, or laptop when you want to work, do immersive gaming, or simply stream videos online. It handles all effortlessly in a sleek and minimalist traditional coffee table design. 

The only difference is that it comes with high-tech features, hence it’s a Smart Coffee Table. These include a (CASIRIS A6) 4K/43-inch anti-glare tempered glass touch screen, dual stereo speakers, an Android 13 OS, HDMI and USB ports, and offers plenty of storage at 128GB ROM+8GB RAM. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 6 connectivity, an external camera, and 20W wireless charging.

The USB ports support keyboards, mouse, USB drives, data transfer, and charging. The HDMI port is for digital audio-video output so you can output screen visuals to a projector, monitor, TV, and more. Likewise, it has an audio jack to connect external audio devices. 

The NXTABL Smart Coffee Table essentially turns your living room into a “hub of intelligent living.” It even has screen expansion and partitioning technology. The former offers a “broader perspective” while the latter “makes it possible to engage in different scenarios on the same table.” This table has a smooth hinge assembly that lets you easily flip it to your desired viewing angle and a storage space underneath. 

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Images courtesy of NXTABL