Belgian design practice Studio Segers designed the Dongo modular sofa for furniture company Todus as an elegant and customizable furniture that can adapt to outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. It comes in a series of modules made to fit together seamlessly.

It has a module with a backrest, a backless seat, and a corner module with an armrest. Its individual suspended frames can be detached and re-arranged so you can easily switch up the look of your outdoor space anytime. You can choose from an L-shape or U-shape sofa perfect for when you want to lie down and sleep or prop up your feet to read a book or simply lounge outdoors. 

Likewise, you can have two separate sofas without arm rests positioned back to back or arranged the modules in a linear form. The Dongo modular sofa provides endless possibilities for customization according to your needs. It is also designed to withstand outdoor elements including snow and heat. 

According to Todus, the sofa “offers the perfect combination of comfort, design and durability.” It is made of high-quality weatherproof materials. It is resistant to frost, to chlorine and seawater, and is UV resistant. It is also 100 recyclable and easy to clean.  

The Dongo modular sofa features a sleek stainless steel frame and comfortable upholstered cushions and each are color customizable to fit your outdoor needs. It even comes with a range of additional tables that can be integrated into your setup. This furniture is a versatile solution for those looking for a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

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Images courtesy of Todus