Due to the constraints brought about by the pandemic a few years ago, businesses have adopted work-from-home setups with varying degrees of success. Therefore, employees were in a rush to set up their workstations at home. FlexiSpot is our go-to brand for standing desks, and their catalog grows once more with the addition of the E7Q.

We have been featuring the brand’s range of standing desks for quite some time now. If you’ve seen the various models on our pages, there is a notable tweak in their latest release. Although their previous models are by no means wobbly even with just two mechanized struts, the new version touts a sturdier frame design with four carbon steel legs.

If you already have an available top, FlexiSpot offers a frame-only option for the E7Q. However, we recommend that you pick from six designs to get the ideal fit. Keep in mind that there are no pre-drilled holes. Make sure you have an electric drill handy. Choose between 63” x 31.5” or 70.9” x 31.5” sizes based on how much surface space you need.

Depending on the variant, it is available in one-piece or sliced configurations. Our personal pick would be the bamboo top, but they also have it in maple, white, dark bamboo, and black. The latter would also look cool as it matches the color of the frame. Powerful motors on each corner allow you to raise and lower the height at a rate of 40 mm per second.

It can drop as low as 605 mm and as high as 1,255 mm. Moreover, the noise it generates is less than 50 decibels, which is about as loud as a quiet conversation. The E7Q can support up to 441 lbs. and features child lock and anti-collision safety systems. Make sure to grab one of their office chairs as well for a complete package.

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Images courtesy of FlexiSpot