The Vicious Cycle

When a famous bicycle frame builder joins forces with a composite specialist (that works with Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari), the result can be nothing but spectacular. Feast your eyes on their wicked 2-wheeler, with a name to match: The Vicious Cycle ($4,800).

Duncan MacIntyre is the man that constructed the frame- a hand-brazed piece suitable for track racing, made from Reynolds 653 and Columbus steel tubing (with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and flexing properties). The frame was then stripped and coppered, provided with black lacquer detailing, and rebuilt with a range of classic and contemporary components including a 3T, Campagnolo, Vredenstein, Cinelli and Brooks. As for the 3-spoke wheels, they were custom crafted by Anton Dekker and his team, from high-end carbon fiber composites. The hand-built Vicious Cycle is available in a super-limited edition of 10, so you’d better hurry and get yours!

The Vicious Cycle 2

The Vicious Cycle 1

The Vicious Cycle 3