After showing off a couple of Alpina’s takes on several BMW vehicles, this time we’re checking out something thrilling from the latter. Mercedes-Benz has been very vocal about its upcoming sustainable models like the EQS. Now, its rival is ready with a remarkable retort of its own in the form of the 2022 i7.

As the ubiquity of sustainability continues its unstoppable march, many renowned marques start to unveil what they have in store for consumers. The trim launching later this year is listed as xDrive60 and is powered by a 101.7 kWh battery pack which sits under the floor.

Moreover, an integrated 5.5 kW electric heater keeps the batteries at the ideal temperature for optimal performance. It runs on two motors on each axle, which BMW says outputs up to 536 horsepower. The 2022 i7 can hit 60 mph from zero in 4.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, mileage is approximately 300 miles on a full charge. Likewise, 10 minutes of DC fast charging should be enough for about 80 miles. The 2022 i7 screams elegance the moment you lay eyes upon its exterior. It flaunts an illuminated kidney grille with redesigned crystal glass headlights.

Since this is an EV that’s meant to be driven by a chauffeur, the opulence of its cabin is no joke. Those in the back of the 2022 i7 can enjoy the folding 31” 8K ultra-wide BMW Theater Screen. 5G connectivity and Amazon Fire TV support let you indulge in top-notch entertainment with audio from 18 speakers.

Should you choose to drive the 2022 i7, a curved digital instrument display greets you behind the steering wheel. The dash, on the other hand, showcases the BMW Interaction Bar – a faceted glass décor that provides dynamic ambient lighting and more controls. Preorders are now open.

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Images courtesy of BMW