America’s favorite stoner holiday is fast approaching, and for those of you who want to truly celebrate this hazy holiday, we’ve got a list of the 10 most awesome gifts that you could be giving (or receiving) this year.

This isn’t just your average list of gimmicky stoner-themed memorabilia either. These are legitimately 10 of the best gifts you could possibly find for you weed smoking friends, and we’ve got ideas for any and all budgets!


ZEUS Iceborn

If you or someone you know likes vaporizers, then this is a very cool accessory that you should be aware of. The Iceborn ($70) works by filtering vapor through ice before it reaches your lungs. If you thought vapor was smooth, you won’t be able to believe this. The best part is that this will work with most vapes on the market, regardless of who the manufacturer is (though be sure to double check that it will work with yours!).


The Utillian 650

The Utillian 650 ($80) is a portable vaporizer that has some pretty cool things going for it that earned it a spot on the list. The first and most obvious thing we love about this vape is the fact that it looks exactly like a flask! That doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t work well, but this vaporizer produces good vapor and boosts a 3 hour battery life as well. All in all, this would make any friend extremely happy.


ZEUS Smite+

If you are looking for more power from a portable vaporizer, then the ZEUS Smite+ ($130) should be on your radar. ZEUS vapes are popular for being well designed, durable and discreet, but this new offering has the added bonus of offering temperature control down to the exact degree! It doesn’t matter how you enjoy your vapor, you’ll be able to get there with this vaporizer.

Gravity Bong Adapter

AC Greebs Gravity Bong Adapter

If you have a friend who enjoys gravity bongs, then we have a gift that your friend will absolutely love. Remember stabbing holes in plastic bottle caps, then forcing some socket inside to function has a mouthpiece? This handy metal top replaces all that frustration, sliding easily on top of any normal plastic bottle to turn it into a gravity bong. As far as we know, they’re only made by AC Greebs and you can get one here ($30).

Glass Pipe

Custom Glass Pipe

Almost every weed connoisseur has a pipe, but did you know that the vast majority of pipes you will find are cheap, mass-produced glass from China? It’s sad, but true. There are many amazing glass blowers out there that make fantastic functional pieces that are also works of art. There’s also something cool about knowing you own something that is one of a kind, so we’re sure anyone would love getting this as a gift. Start looking on Etsy, where there are over 13,000 results when you search glass pipe. ($6+)

RAW Rolling Kit

RAW Rolling Kit

We’ve hit vapes, gravity bongs and pipes, so it’s only fitting we move on to joints next! This kit made by raw includes a nice metal rolling tray, 2 packs of their king sized papers, and a rolling machine that makes rolling perfect joints a breeze! If you are looking for a great gift on a budget, this is something anyone could get use out of. If you are last-minute shopping, you’re in luck because this kit is even available on Amazon with Prime shipping! ($13)

Ozium Spray

Ozium Spray

4/20 will inevitably involve plenty of fun activities, but these activities can often times leave a rather pleasant but persistent odor hanging in whatever room, car, or building you find yourself in. Sure, you can pull out some Axe and leave the room gagging, or pop 3 sticks of gum each hoping that might change something, but trust us when we say Ozium ($9) is the better choice! This magic in a can will help you leave no trace, clearing up even the dankest of smells. Get your friends a can, and while you’re at it get yourself one too.

Kush Cards-LET'S BURN

A Dope Greeting Card with A Joint

That’s right, thanks to the New York City-based Kush Kards ($8), you are able to buy marijuana-themed cards to help commemorate nearly any occasion. The best part is that there’s a place to attach a pre-rolled joint right on the front of the card! Nothing says ‘let’s celebrate’ better than that! Disclaimer: you have to supply the joint!

Marijuana Candles

Candles for your sober friends…

You may think candles are for covering up smells, but in this case we’re suggesting you get some to help your sober or dankrupt friends celebrate despite their unfortunate circumstances. Whether its for a job, probation, or something else, these candles ($10) will at least help your friends pretend that they’re celebrating by filling the air with the sweet, sweet smell of freshly burned bud.

Marijuana Jar

Stash Jars

Every smoker needs their weed, and all weed needs a place to call home. While many people store their bud in the plastic baggies they bought it in, there’s a better way! These Cannaline stash jars ($9) are thick, durable and designed to keep smells inside. They work great and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your friends will thank you, and this is probably another situation where you should just go ahead and get some for yourself too!

If you didn’t find something in this list that your friends or loved ones would enjoy, then you may be celebrating the wrong holiday! For most (if not all of these) you’ll all be wondering what took you so long to start using them. They’re awesome. They’re functional. They’ll help make this 4/20 the best one you and your friends spend together! Enjoy!