3D printed homes don’t come as a shock anymore. Ever since this unique method of building entered mainstream techniques we’ve seen a number of experiments employing this kind of printing. The Tera Cabin is one such example, though the difference this time is that it’s far more utilitarian than its superfluous contemporaries.

Using the same space-grade technology as Marsha, which won the NASA Centennial Challenge, SpaceFactory takes 3D print to a whole new level with the Tera Cabin. In and of itself, the dwelling is an impressive experiment. But it stretches beyond just being great because its aesthetic underpinnings have a purpose. The Tera Cabin gives a taste of what life on another planet would be like. And you don’t even have to leave Earth to experience such a sensation.

The cone-like exterior seems rightfully futuristic, like something you’d see in a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie. This structure comes formed thanks to a sustainable mixture of sugar and basalt. It boasts a living area, a sleeping loft, and a bathroom. The windows, which you’ll see come in diamond shapes, provide views of the rural vastness outside. You can also go to the outdoor terrace that overlooks the riverbank for more spectacular voice of the wilderness enveloping the dwelling.

Each stay in this futuristic getaway will contribute to research and development. Comfort and science; two birds with one stone. It will also help SpaceFactory fund future projects. The Tera Cabin will open its doors for visitors starting March 2020. Hit the link below for more information.