The world might have fully embraced digitization but handwritten paperwork still holds value. Important documents still require signatures, which means the humble pen remains an essential accessory to have handy at all times. A brand highly regarded for the quality and performance of its writing instruments celebrates a major milestone. This is Montblanc’s The Origin Collection.

Of course, the highlight of this capsule is the Meisterstück fountain pen. Just in case some of you are unaware of what the product in question is, it’s basically the predecessor of the modern ballpoint pen. Instead of a single-use affair, these are often crafted out of premium materials and are even passed down as heirlooms in some cases.

The Origin Collection is primarily meant to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Meisterstück. Montblanc ensures its customers can pick the type of writing system they are comfortable with. You can choose between a fountain, a ballpoint, and a rollerball variant.

“Upon closer inspection, one can discover the original Meisterstück logo, which has adorned the cap as a symbol of high quality since its inception. This jubilee edition is crowned with a rhodium-coated solid gold nib, proudly displaying the number 100, along with the years 1924 and 2024,” writes Montblanc

Afterward, don’t forget to select the shade of ink, available in green, coral, and blue. These are shipped in 50 ml bottles and are also highly collectible as part of The Origin Collection. Apart from the writing instruments and refills, buyers can also grab bracelets and cufflinks inspired by the Meisterstück.

Montblanc’s The Origin Collection is an ideal selection of items that would make wonderful gifts for loved ones. Moreover, the inclusion of themed accessories is a nice touch. Just don’t forget to check the prices first, because it ranges from approximately $300 to $2,765.

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Images courtesy of Montblanc