The stylish CJRB Breeze is equipped with useful pocket tools that will come in handy when you’re caught in a jiffy. Aside from a replaceable blade, it has a bottle opener, a ruler, and more. 

The blade is a standard utility knife that is sharp enough to cut through boxes, packages, the mail, or serve as a sharpener. A quick push of a sliding button easily deploys the blade while a rotating lock on the reverse side of the tool locks it in place in the open or closed position.

Moreover, the lanyard hole on the CJRB Breeze also doubles as a socket for a standard screwdriver bit. Meanwhile, its reverse side conveniently features a full-sized bottle opener, which is an absolute necessity these days especially if you’re working under the heat of the sun. n

Another side of the tool features a user-friendly 1.5″ measurement tool that can easily replace the longer ruler. This pocket tool is meticulously crafted for durability, ease of use, and style. Hence its name, “Breeze,” because it’s a breeze to use. There are two variants to choose from according to its construction material.

There’s the Skytanium Series, which boasts the truly premium side of the CJRB Breeze. It is crafted from lightweight yet strong Grade 5 titanium and it will be available in both colored aluminum and in a fully blacked-out version for a discreet carry. 

Meanwhile, the Ironwing Series is made from stainless steel featuring a rugged and durable silhouette. It comes in several configurations including blackened steel, full steel, and steel with colored aluminum scales. Both versions are just 3.1″ long with a blade length of 2.36″. 

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Images courtesy of CJRB Cutlery