The James Brand has established itself as an authority in the EDC space with its selection of eye-catching utility tools that range from pocket knives, multitools, and other portable outdoor gear.  The brand has yet to try its hand on other useful tools like a bottle opener. But that changes with the release of The James Brand Titanium Bottle Opener. 

TJB is all about merging function with minimalist style with its releases and this humble tool is no exception. The team went all out in its first-ever bottle opener design, using titanium to make it light in the hands and in the pocket at just 29 grams. It’s machined from one solid billet of 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium to make it strong and incredibly durable. 

The James Brand’s Titanium Bottle Opener has a hole to hang it to a keychain, paracord, or lanyard. Aside from its lightweight build, it also boasts an ergonomic design so it’s comfortable to hold and use for better leverage on your drink. Its space frame design also efficiently distributes pressure and offers strength while minimizing materials.

For added utility, the team integrated a mini driver on the corner measuring 0.75″ wide and 2.7” tall, which is handy enough for opening boxes or loosening/tightening screws. The kicker though is that you can’t just buy this opener by itself although it’s priced at $99. You’d have to purchase at least $300 worth of items on The James Brand’s website to avail this tool. 

But in the holiday spirit, TJB is giving it for free for those who meet the required purchase amount. There’s no need to pay $99 extra to grab The James Brand’s Titanium Bottle Opener.  

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Images courtesy of The James Brand