At $375 a pop, these might just be the most expensive pair of white kicks you’ll ever encounter. But sometimes, classic comes at a price, and though ultimately it’s up to you whether the asking price is really worth it, we’re going to go ahead and make a bold claim: if you want a style that will outlive even time itself, get the Sobos 405 Classics.

These low-top leather sneakers in white feature a round toe, tonal lace-up closure, plus a padded tongue and collar. You also get a logo stamped in golden-tone on the heel tab. Oh, and let’s not forget the white rubber margom sole. Those are all the details, basically. Kept to a hum, with no unnecessary decoration crowding the profile. It’s minimalism at its most potent: just the essentials, no perceptibly superfluous additions.

Now, you might ask us, Who would pay $375 for a pair of white sneakers? Well. Lots of folks. And this is Sobos 405 Classics we’re talking about, not just any run of the mill pair of kicks. Sure, you’ll find this style in abundance these days, but this particular pair is extremely rare. Only you and 99 other people will have these kicks.

Each pair is handmade in Los Angeles using the aforementioned whitew rubber margom sole and tonal lace-up closures. Limited to just 100 pairs, each one gets its own, individual edition number stamped on the insole. Yes, each pair will have a special serial number just to display its exclusive status. Doesn’t get more bougee than that, really. Act fast if you want one.


Photos courtesy of Sobos