The Supernova amp is a 360-degree guitar amplifier that’s probably far slicker than any run-of-the-mill guitar amplifier you’ve ever come across. It’s got built-in amp modelling and effects, wireless connectivity, and some mood lighting for good measure.

Blame UK-based designer Dan Salisbury for ruining your preconception that musical peripherals can’t look this sophisticated and posh. And since everything these days can be controlled with your phone, add this one to the list, too.

The topmost part of the Supernova amp features a slick-looking orbital dial. You can rotate this to turn the amplifier on or control the master volume. Underneath the gorgeous black shell sits an up-firing tweeter. Add to that a down-firing sub that provide a wide acoustic range, ideal for jamming along to your favorite tunes.

Also included are acoustic lenses that fire sound in 360 degrees, which means you can place the Supernova amp in any part of the room without losing sound fidelity. In other words, putting it in a corner won’t result music that’s terribly isolated.

To make it more modern, the amplifier also has a wireless guitar jack that connects to your phone, removing the need for cables. Speaking of the app, it offers full control of your guitar’s tone, volume, and even backing tracks. You also have full control of the overall mix and volume using a single slider. It’s like having a studio in your pocket.

If you prefer wired setups, the Supernova amp can still work with connected leads via ports on the back, which allows you to plug in pedals, recording instruments, and other jamming peripherals thanks to the line-in.


Photos courtesy of Dan Salisbury