The Schmidt Brothers Carbon 6 BBQ 4-Piece Grill Set makes a fine addition to your kitchen or outdoor cooking gear. Aside from durability and strength, it is stylish and comfortable to use, giving you that satisfied smile as you grill in comfort and style.  

The set packs four indispensable tools every pit master needs. These include an 18″ long two-prong fork, a removable, silicone-tipped basting brush at 18.6″ long, 17.3″ long tongs, and an 18.8″ long spatula all forged with high carbon 100% German stainless steel. These tools are made to last, boasting premium grade materials designed for maximum comfort.

The Schmidt Brothers Carbon 6 BBQ 4-Piece Grill Set features a streamlined stainless steel and ergonomic hourglass handle design that are shaped to fit naturally on the hand. This way, your hands will not tire easily and requires minimal effort on the task at hand. Long handles prevent accidental burns as they keep your hands away from the heat while oversized implements lets you work with anything and everything from large cuts to small vegetables.

Moreover, the brush, fork, and spatula come with leather hang straps and the tongs are self-locking for easy storage. The set comes with its own wooden storage block. The wood used in this box only incorporates quality wood from Germany that is FSC-certified from sustainable sources that are good for both the durability of the knives and the planet.

The Schmidt Brothers Carbon 6 BBQ 4-Piece Grill Set makes a perfect gift. Its stylish, durable, and a high-gauge stainless steel design promises to be the last set of grill tools you will ever need. 

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Images courtesy of The Schmidt Brothers