By now it really seems like 2019 is the year of comebacks. You have Nike resurrecting old silhouettes, timepieces resurfacing from bygone eras, and many others more hitching a ride into this era. Not that that’s bad. But comebacks, when faulty, can be exhausting. So at first blush, we felt skeptical of the Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers coming back.

The original Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers arrived as one of the most striking, well-designed, and beautifully constructed kicks of its era. Not to mention super affordable. Now, they’re back for modern audiences to help you go from the city to the trail and back again.

Saucony is perhaps most famous for making kicks that are super technically excellent. Their performance, too, is another talking point. The Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers’ chunkiness works well. You shouldn’t use it for hiking, obviously, but if a worst case scenario occurs and you have to, they won’t easily break down.

On top of that robust construction, you also get a pretty solid melding of colors. You get bold and vivid splashes of red and mustard, perfect for those looking for something more interesting than neutral palettes.

The construction overall, complex as it is, remains super lightweight. You also get nylon and suede uppers. These details result in a pair of kicks that will work with nearly everything in your closet. Denim? Check. Crewneck sweatshirt? You got it. Flexible, utilitarian, and ultra-classy, the Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers looks like it deserves to come back. Other brands staging comeback better take notes.