The Rockstar Bar

If you’ve always wanted to have a rockstar in your home, here’s your chance. More than just a piece of awesome furniture, The Rockstar Bar ($5,500) will make you feel like you’re in the presence of a rock legend.

Boasting a hyper-manly, mid-century air, this stunning whiskey&cocktail bar is hand made by the same brilliant guys that brought us the Heavy Metal Lights, the London-based design label Buster + Punch. Available in your choice of American Walnut or Black Oak and either grey berry silk or black leather quilted back panel, the Rockstar is about 3 ft high, and 5 ft wide, providing enough space for your bottles, glassware and bar tools. To round up the classy style, a knurled brass light sits to the side, protected by a snake’s heat cage, and the bar is then finished with custom brass buttons plus the brand’s signature knurled brass handles. An original piece for displaying your booze collection, the Rockstar Bar might be the next thing to rock your world!

The Rockstar Bar 1

The Rockstar Bar 3

The Rockstar Bar 2

The Rockstar Bar 4

The Rockstar Bar 5

The Rockstar Bar 6