When you want to build a home within a crowded neighborhood in the city, it’s best to consult with experts on how to make the place stand out. It’s no easy task when almost every building beside it matches or towers over yours. So, if you can’t beat the competition in height, best them when it comes to aesthetics like The Red Cave.

This striking structure is penned by the gents over at 23o5studio – an architectural firm based in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam. A quick look at their remarkable portfolio of projects tells us their forte is really with residential projects. Their work on The Red Cave shows an almost magical atmosphere thanks to the lush presentation.

From the images shared by the studio, it looks like a mystical temple. The verdant growth that covers the front of the property and the plants within promotes relaxation. Step inside its gates and the motif transports you to a Zen dimension that reconnects guests with nature.

The Red Cave occupies an area of roughly 3,875 square feet and spans three levels. Let’s start with the ground floor which features a huge open space with pillars framing the walkways. Watch your step because a water channel surrounds the edges. The volume within is an open-air gym with various exercise equipment.

Take the stairs up to access the terrace/garden and a serene section for yoga. Finally, the top floor is where people can relax at the end of the day. There’s a kitchen, another terrace garden, and a private room to sip your tea in peace. The Red Cave doesn’t appear to have any bedrooms, so it’s not exactly your typical dwelling.

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Images courtesy of 23o5studio