The Raven is unlike any tiny home with its sleek exterior and well-equipped and beautifully-designed interiors. Canada’s Rewild Homes built it with the support of a triple-axle trailer with a sleek metallic finish and designed it to be off-grid ready and fully-functional despite it just being 30 feet long. 

The house opens with a wide glass-paned door to the living room equipped with a sofa, storage cabinet, and shelving for storage. Adjacent to this space is a U-shaped kitchen with a standing oven, a full-size fridge, overhead cabinets, and more shelving. It also has a table/counter one overlooking glass windows with a built-in sink and there’s plenty pf space for food prep and storage.

The Raven also managed to squeeze in two lofts with low ceilings. One of the lofts hosts the master bedroom which is accessible via a storage-integrated staircase. A sliding ladder that can be stowed to one side offers access to the second loft which can be used as a library. 

Meanwhile, the bathroom is located at the far end and it is quite spacious for a tiny home. It has a shower, a composting toilet, a washer/dryer, and a sink with mirror. Glass windows provide natural lighting. 

Aside from the glass windows, The Raven uses Philips Hue’s smart lighting and is powered by an EcoFlow solar panel array and a battery setup added by the owners. Likewise, this tiny home uses EcoFlow’s dual-fuel generator which runs on propane or gasoline to power the lights regardless of the weather condition. Wood cabinetry and flooring set against white wall painting opens the space, making it look inviting and spacious. 

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Images courtesy of Rewild Homes