If you want a mountain bike prowess on your way to work through a bustling metropolis, the Raleigh Redux 2 will give just exactly that. With it, you’re always ready for a ride at any moment’s notice. The Raleigh Redux always come prepared for any kind of ride. Be it on the way to the bar, home, or just plain strolling around.

The Raleigh Redux 2 can take on any challenge street riding entails. If you live in the city, you know that getting around can get quite tricky, especially in ultra populated ones. Worse, the roads often are inconsistent. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. There are a ton of obstacles often in the way. You’ll encounter potholes, manhole covers, train tracks, curbs, and more.

If you want a smart option, you’ll want the Raleigh Redux 2 as an everyday street commute companion. This wee bike can handle all roadblocks ahead. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and fork. Meaning, despite its sheer robustness, you can always rely that it will zoom through the city with nimbleness.

When you’re ready to hit home, just carry it. It’s lightweight enough to lift up even steep stairs, even though it’s super strong and can handle hardcore use out the streets. You get nine speeds as standard, plus a larger diameter handlebar, and hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power.

Make sure to hit the link below to know more. If this model doesn’t float your boat, look at Raleigh’s other equally valuable options.