Let’s say you recently joined the cycling craze and bought an e-bike for greener commutes in the city. For the next few weeks or months, it manages to live up to expectations. However, the hype begins to dissipate and you start to crave thrills beyond the streets. No need to fret because Razor’s Rambler TRL is the ideal rugged ride replacement.

Everybody goes through a similar process. Eventually, the excitement dies out as we ply the same route day after day. It’s time to say goodbye to dull moments with an all-terrain platform that won’t break the bank. Long gone are the days when the manufacturer exclusively catered to kids because adults also long for recreational outdoor fun.

The Rambler TRL is Razor’s new SKU intended to give cyclists that jolt of adrenaline as they hit the trails. This class 2 e-bike is built for rough play with its tubular steel frame and dual-crown aluminum fork with an adjustable suspension system. On both ends are spoked rims wrapped in 20″ beefy pneumatic for reliable performance over various surfaces.

Your off-road shenanigans won’t become a problem here as the heavy-duty build ensures endless enjoyment as long as you have the stamina for it. When fatigue starts to creep in, let the 750W hub motor and 46.8V lithium-ion battery do their thing. Razor says the Rambler TRL can reach speeds of up to 19.9 mph with a range of up to 16.6 miles on a single charge.

The riser-style handlebars feature a twist-grip throttle and a dashboard display unit for telemetry. An LED headlight and LED taillight allow you to safely ride at night. When pedal assist is activated, riders can toggle between five power levels to get the most out of their workout. The Rambler TRL weighs a somewhat hefty 69.7 lbs. and can support up to 220 lbs. 

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Images courtesy of Razor