Sadly, due to several reported incidents resulting in injuries and even deaths, regulations regarding autonomous driving technology have slowed developments to a crawl. Nevertheless, this won’t stop innovation as the world’s top carmakers envision a future with driverless vehicles. Surprisingly, companies that are relatively new to the scene regularly present fascinating concepts like the ROBOBUS here.

Presented by PIX Moving, this is intended as a modular mobility platform for urban commuters. Although current self-driving systems have already advanced way beyond expectations, they still require human intervention. Once certain technological challenges have been addressed, the ROBOBUS will drastically reshape the way we get from point A to point B.

Assuming the automotive industry eventually reaches a phase wherein fully autonomous transportation becomes mainstream, the next big step is to enhance the passenger’s experience. Since all the necessary stuff is handled by bleeding-edge AI, sensors, and various infrastructures in place, we just need to worry about wellness, recreation, entertainment, and more.

Billed as a “smarter short-distance shuttle bus” or as “on-demand retail pop-up stores,” the ROBOBUS can be configured to serve as a mode of transport or as a mobile commerce platform. The futuristic features listed include L4 autonomous driving, bi-directional movement, and customizable sensor packages, among others. For safety, it will be armed with multiple redundancy systems.

As far as performance goes, the EV is outfitted with a 21.5 kWh battery with an estimated range of 43.5 to 62 miles. The spacious cabin can accommodate up to six people and its cargo capabilities max out at 1,124 lbs. Meanwhile, the ROBOBUS can reach a top speed of 18 mph, which is a bit disappointing in our opinion. 

“Autonomous driving technology is unveiling a chic urban aesthetic and eco-friendly concept. Enter the ROBOBUS (Moving Space), with its customizable interiors, transforming urban scenarios into a fleet of dynamic retail stores. Soon, these moving spaces will enlighten urban retail facilities both day and night,” writes PIX Moving.

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Images courtesy of PIX Moving