Leading product strategy agency Outercraft and French sports powerhouse Decathlon teamed up to design the Hydrobike, a unique watercraft that makes paddle sports accessible to less experienced individuals. It combines a paddleboard, a catamaran, and a pedal boat. 

It provides an inclusive aquatic experience even for the less seasoned paddleboarder as it centers on an activity familiar to all: pedaling. It lets you move on water without getting wet, relying on the paddles and the subsequent turning of the wheels underneath to propel you forward, as such offering “a new experience of nautical mobility, ideal for urban environments as well as natural water bodies.”

The Hydrobike, in a sense, is a  pedal-powered watercraft designed to offer optimal efficiency and boundless adventure. One of its great features is its expansive platform which can cater to various activities, from play for the young ones to fishing or camping for the adults. 

Moreover, it sets itself apart from its kind with its modular design, as well as its fortified safety features from the seat to the pedals to the steering and storage systems. It has inflatable floats that are easy to repair and guaranteed lightweight for easy storage. Meanwhile, its rotomolded platform is designed for recyclability and local industrialization. 

The Hydrobike is a proof-of-concept at this point, one which Decathlon and Outercraft wants to set as “an example to encourage transformation in the sports industry.” It’s “a vision for the future of nautical mobility and the sports economy” and what the team considers as “a goal to expand the space for practice and exploration, ensuring safety while marveling.” 

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Images courtesy of Outercraft