To the surprise and delight of Porsche devotees, it has been a non-stop deluge of news related to the German marque. So far, we’ve got restomods, an EV concept, e-bikes, a tie-in with Microsoft, and an electric conversion, among others. The freshest to drop is another restomod dubbed the Touring Turbo Edition, which made its debut at the 2023 Monterey Car Week.

This top-notch project was brought to us by Gunther Werks and was unveiled at The Quail during the said event. There were so many awesome automotive reveals at the time, and we are gradually filtering everything to bring our readers the coolest cars announced. We believe many of you are still dazzled by the SR001 Blackbird by Sacrilege Motors, but let’s check out what this bad boy brings to the table.

Similar to its previous outing, the donor vehicle for this build is a 933 generation 911 Turbo. However, this time, we’re looking at a more potent powertrain endowed by the team. The Touring Turbo Edition is fairly new, which is why the official website still does not have all the details in one place. However, there is more than enough information from various sources who covered the announcement.

The shop replaces the air-cooled flat-six that was originally mounted out back with a bespoke twin-turbo 4.­0-liter engine engineered by Rothsport Racing. Motoring purists are sure to swoon over the six-speed manual gearbox from Getrag that underwent a comprehensive overhaul to ensure top-notch performance. This allows the Touring Turbo Edition to edge out its sibling – the Project Tornado – by 50 horsepower.

We’re looking at a sleek sports car with plenty of composite body panels to keep it agile and responsive. The output is listed at about 750 horsepower, which is a remarkable upgrade over the standard 911. Pricing is yet to be published but expect it to be staggering. The Gunther Werks Touring Turbo Edition is slated to be another exclusive production run that will undoubtedly sell out as soon as it becomes available.

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Images courtesy of Gunther Werks