For those of us who appreciate and collect luxury timepieces, we often admire the design and complications featured by the watchmaker. Often times, these remarkable mechanisms initially draw our attention with their appearance and the materials used during its construction. One such example is the The Rake Aerofusion Chronograph Molon Labe by Hublot.

Modern craftsmanship relies on lightweight but robust materials such as titanium to ensure comfort. The metal is a favorite among engineers that are with the military and aerospace agencies. However, a bold and stunning approach is always a welcome distraction from conventional watch design. Such is the case with the Aerofusion Chronograph Molon Labe by Hublot for The Rake.

This striking and handsome timepiece is a bespoke production for the men’s lifestyle magazine that’s limited only to 25 units. Ownership of this classy chronograph commands an $18,000 price tag. This includes a 45mm case fashioned out of micro-blasted titanium that adds a black-brushed bronze bezel into the mix. The combination of colors lends an eye-catching contrast between the metals.

Nevertheless, you will still admire the skeletonized dial that comes with gold-plated hands and indices. This serves to showcase the Hublot Aerofusion Chronograph Molon Labe’s HUB1155 automatic caliber. The assembly pairs perfectly with the available options for either a brown or black calf leather strap with stylish stitching. Meanwhile, we think that the brown on brown combination should appeal to affluent steampunk enthusiasts.

The Rake

Photos courtesy of Hublot