Eyewear brand Raen reimagined its famous Remmy frame style with a design geared toward enhanced eye protection. The company tweaked the classic shape a bit and added a hood detail for added peripheral support and named it the Expedition Remmy.  

Raen co-founder and Design Director Jordan Percy called it an “eyewear innovation that captures the essence of adventure and pays tribute to the daring spirits of the past.” The new frame design seamlessly blends the iconic Remmy style with the distinctive hood detail to render a “truly extraordinary frame that offers both style and enhanced eye protection for the modern adventurer.”

The Expedition Remmy features a frame front shape made from a custom acetate block that measures 20mm in thickness, involving the lamination of two 10mm acetate blocks. The thick acetate block is CNC-machined into the front shape to create stylish and lightweight eyewear. 

Aside from the hood detail, this design also has lenses that shield against a range of environmental elements. The lens have anti-reflective protection while the AR Green backside coating reduces internal glare on the lens for enhanced clarity and comfort. Raen further enhanced the lenses capabilities by incorporating Zeiss Ri-Pel coatings, a dual-benefit treatment that is both olio and hydrophobic. It fends off oily fingerprints and renders a beading effect on sweat, water and other liquids.

The Expedition Remmy arrives in either Recycled Black and Shasta Tortoise acetate temples. Both feature an acetate front with a 10mm + 10mm lamination and gold metal accent. The frames have also been fitted with “Expedition” Green Polarized lenses.

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Images courtesy of Raen