Something familiar this way comes. Timex has announced a reissue of a classic timepiece. The Q Timex watch is back, baby. Though many balk at Timex considering it’s more of a budget brand, you can’t deny the company makes some pretty sweet timepieces. The Q Timex certainly is one of those.

Reintroduced for the modern era, the new Q Timex resurfaces from 1979 to make the dive-inspired watch cool for modern tastes again. Not that it ever looked uncool, but the updated design language is welcome.

The Q Timex was not Timex’s first quartz watch. However, fan fervor solidified it as one of the brand’s most iconic ones to use the technology, at the time very, very new. The reissue captures this spirit well. You get every minute detail present on the original and injects them with this era’s sensibilities. Like the Pepsi bezel. Of the period-correct woven stainless steel bracelet. Even the luminescent index paint makes a return.

Timex even added the functional battery hatch on the caseback. Perfect for those who want to be able to pop in fresh new batteries at home. No need to go to the repair shop for minor cases, in other words. Truly, a mark of Timex’s budget and customer-focused principles.

You can get the new Q Timex now for just $179. The retro comeback timepiece may not look like the freshest of watches out of all the ones we’ve featured over the years. But you know what they always say — you can’t go wrong if you go classic.