Want to go back to you and the gang sitting around the TV spending hours playing those classic games? Well you can! And this time you’re probably old enough to drink some beers while you play! The retro look has increased in popularity over the last few years and the same has happened in the gaming world.

Unfortunately, getting a retro pair of sneakers is much easier than getting your hands on the consoles needed to play those original games. There is a solution and the answer is Polymega!

Polymega gives you the perfect reason for a guys’ night in. This console is a hybrid of different retro consoles such as SEGA, PS1, NES and much more. It simply connects to your TV as a type of docking station. Just put in your version of Mortal Kombat or Sonic the Hedgehog and start playing like you did in the 90s and the turn for the century.

For those that still have the original control pads, you can even plug these into the Polymega to truly relive the classical gaming experience. If not, the Polymega makes use of a multifunctional controller to emulate the originals.

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