What do you get when you cross a kick scooter, a bicycle, a skateboard, and slap on an electric powertrain? We guess it might look something like this cool urban mobility machine from TOZZ Bike. They’re calling it the Pipegun 1 (PG-1) and describing it as an electric kick bike. Judging by its looks, the platform looks like a lot of fun.

The concept behind this quirky ride is simple enough, but the execution is another story. Anyone with a basic understanding of mechanics, decent engineering, skills and a workshop can technically build one. Nevertheless, what the startup markets is ready-to-roll convenience at the get-go.

We think it’s a great option for commuters who prefer their e-bikes with a stand-up driving characteristic. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we believe there are folks who will have a blast on the PG-1. If you’ve tried any of the abovementioned platforms, then enjoyment is a guarantee.

According to TOZZ Bike, the “first three words that we wrote on the design board while creating Pipegun. The electric kick-bike that salute Urban Sports, BMX, Skateboard…” The PG-1 boasts a sturdy stainless-steel handcrafted frame with an ergonomic handlebar.

The front and rear wheels are shod in 20” Salt Tracer BMX tires In lieu of a regular suspension system. Although you can technically just use your legs to propel the PG-1 forward a 250W BLDC hub motor can take over as well. It can generate up to 33.19 lb-ft of torque.

Finally, TOZZ Bike outfits the underside of its deck with LED headlights for additionally safety during nighttime rides. The initial launch phase of the PG-1 will deliver 20 units, but it’s currently unclear if a full production run will follow soon thereafter.

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Images courtesy of TOZZ Bike