As Steven Universe has taught us, fusions are a good thing. Pelican agrees, which is why it’s combined a cooler and a bag to make the next best thing for any burly travelers out there. Especially those who can’t leave their beer cans behind.

Thus comes the Pelican Dayventure Cooler/Sling Bag. If you know Pelican, you’re already familiar with its topnotch storage solutions. Pelican’s products are must-haves for any outdoor nut, offering exception insulation, protection, weatherproofing, and excellent chill retention. Just to name a few, of course. With over four decades of expertise in the business, it took on a new challenge by creating a robust and durable cooler solution you can literally carry.

The Dayventure Sling, as it’s officially called, is perhaps not the most pleasant-looking cooler we’ve ever encountered. But looks, of course, aren’t everything. And if all you care about is functionality and reliability, aesthetic shouldn’t really be a problem, anyway. What it lacks in presentation, it makes up for in incredible utility. You get a lightweight pack that features durable, puncture-resistant materials. Not to mention a compression-molded base to maintain its capsule-like structure as you go about the country.

Among the other highlights include its leak-resistant, waterproof zipper enclosure. This should provide easy access to all the beverages you plan to lug with you on trips. The Pelican Dayventure Sling has space for up to four wine bottles and 12 cans, roughly 8.5 liters of overall storage. It’s pretty slick, and you can get one now by hitting the link below.