The Orbitkey Nest is a portable yet efficient organizer for your tech gears. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this ingenious device aims to free your mind and workspace from clutter.

Internal organization includes slots for a small notebook on the lid, a pen loop, and storage for credit cards and business cards. An elastic pouch holds small items such as paperclips, SD cards, and more. There is also a spacious room to hold other items by way of six sticky divider tabs or movable dividers. These tabs allow for customization so you can store other items of varying sizes.

The Orbitkey Nest has a detachable leather lid that serves two purposes. One as a valet tray to hold items you need close at hand while you work like your wallet, phone, key, and more. Second, a built-in charging system turns the lid into a USB-C wireless charging dock that has a max output of 10 watts. Simply plug the Nest into a USB port to start charging your smartphone, earbuds, and other QI-enabled devices.

This nifty organizer lets you access your essentials either through a simple flip opening (like opening a book) or by lifting the lid. It has foam padded interiors to protect your items from accidental drops. Meanwhile, an elastic secure loop keeps the Nest in one piece and ensures the items inside do not move around even while on the go.

The Orbitkey Nest looks and feels elegant and sturdy. The lid is of top grain leather and polycarbonate shell construction while the bottom is made from nylon poly melange fabric. It is also light enough at 330 grams which makes it portable to carry around or place inside your bag.

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Orbitkey Nest Orbitkey Nest Orbitkey Nest

Images courtesy of Orbitkey