Made for people who enjoy sipping on scotches and whiskey, the Norlan Whisky Glass ($38-set of 2) promises to make the tasting experience better than any other existing glassware.

Unhappy with the classic tumblers and the tulip-shaped snifters (which both mask the complex aromatics and the subtle flavor notes of the spirit), a group of guys decided to create an entirely new glass that will allow everyone to appreciate the fullness of a nice whisk(e)y. With help from master distillers in Scotland, they designed a double-walled vessel that beautifully displays the slow oily legs of your whisky, while the protrusions in the base of the glass improve the aeration process for a perfect scent distribution. We say, if you’re gonna spend $50 and more on single malt scotch, you’d better invest in some proper glassware, and the Norlan seems to be the best there is. Details in the video

The Norlan Whisky Glass 3

The Norlan Whisky Glass 8

The Norlan Whisky Glass 5

The Norlan Whisky Glass 2

The Norlan Whisky Glass 4

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