Meet the new Ferrari F8 Spider. If you liked the way Ferrari F8 Tributo fuses the feral 711 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine of the Ferrari 488 Pista with an updated version of the 488 GTB’s comfier chassis, you’ll love this.

You can combine all those aforementioned elements and pack a whole lot more headroom. The Ferrari F8 Spider boasts an electrically retractable roof instead of a fixed variant. Just like this 458 Spider and 488 Spider, if you can recall.

The new ride arrives 20kg lighter than the old 488 Spider, and also 50 ponies more powerful. With more than 700 ponies under its belt, you’ll be hightailing through roads past 62mph in just 2.9 seconds. Zero to 124mph takes just t8.2 seconds, if you can believe that. Top speed is rated at 211mph, which is insane. People are partial to the McLaren 720S Spider, sure, but this one will probably be able to keep up just fine.

This car, according to Ferrari, features reworked aerodynamics to keep gale-force winds at bay. Also, the automaker made sure to preserve the correct cooling demands and downforce priorities of the bodywork.

Now come the price. The car will cost €262,000. That’s terribly expensive, but certainly not at all shocking or unexpected by ferrari’s pricing standards. Optional carbon fiber add-ons will balloon the price even further, too. The Ferrari F8 Spider will join the company’s seven-year maintenance program. With it, Ferrari will cover all regular maintenance items for the first seven years of the car’s life. Make sure to hit the link below to learn more.


Photos courtesy of Ferrari